Terms Of Use

As of July 20 2020

Please do:

1. Recolor
2. Include mesh in the file (read the rules below)
3. Ask before converting (on Tumblr). Tag on Tumblr for credit and link it back to the original file on the website (GiuliettaSims.com).
4. Edit meshes and textures for your own game.
5. Tag me on Tumblr in your screenshots if you feel like. Totally optional for you.

Please don’t:
1. Convert to The Sim 2 and The Sims 3. As of 1/1/2023 I ask do not convert my content to any of the games including Sims series.
2. Modify or use parts of my meshes for your creations that you are planning to release.
3. Recolor my textures with the intention to share them with the public. 
4. Hide your recolors of my meshes behind paywalls, adfly, shorte, PayPal, Patreon

Rules about including my meshes and why do I allow it.

1. First of all, I really don’t like it when I need to have tons of files in the game when I like particular recolor and don’t want to force anyone to have my files in the game if you like a recolor of my mesh done by another artist. Mentioning the name of me as an original creator, tagging on Tumblr and linking back is enough to give credit, exposure and traffic to the website. 

2. Sims files structured the way that if the file contains normal map data (a resource that creates an illusion of the volume on the texture) is tied to GEOM (mesh) resource. I often create custom normal maps even for the earrings, and there is no way to remove or edit it from the file unless mesh is included. This is another reason why I encourage creators to include my meshes and edit the normal map to your liking.

3. If you recolor my files create your own textures. It means that you can’t change the hue/saturation of my textures and release them as your own. The reason why I don’t allow it is that I spend a lot of time, sometimes hours drawing, baking, editing, combining my textures. And it is absolutely unfair to run the file through photoshop action script and release it as your own texture.  I create 28-30 swatches for my clothes and at least 3 colors for my earrings, so it is pretty enough. If you want to recolor and share that file, create one from scratch. For your own game, you are free to do whatever you want with my files and textures.

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