Hi everybody, 
I enjoy creating CC for Sims 4 and wanted to share them with community.
I post my CC on tumblr under the name GiuliettaSims and on TSR as Feyona. Probably some items will be posted exclusively in blogspot and tumblr if I make any designer stuff. 
Everything that I created I check not only in CAS but in game as well to see how items look and work from different angles, in movement, from far. This means that all of my CC shows up in my game which is fully updated. So if you don’t see my items, please update your game. Anyway, always feel free to contact me via tumblr if you have any problems with my content. Note: if you suspect that my item is glitching, remove all other custom content to double check. 

I provide all the information about poly count so you can decide whether your computer can handle it (I don’t make super high poly count items and if I do I will put it in description). Please read this post if you have any question about what polygon count is considered high.

Some of my links will be shorte.st free and for some of them I will use these link shorteners (shorte). Alternatively I provide ad free links. I am happy that you download my content regardless of what link you choose to click. But thank you if you chose to support me via shorte. Recently I chose to ask visitors to turn off adblock since I noticed that amount of views on the blog is hundred times more than I have in ad sense report. I use adsense (advertisement on the side bar and between the posts), which along with shorte helps me covering photoshop and other plugins/programs cost. You will see ads based on your google searches and other website visits. I do not display 18+ ads (there is a way to block certain categories in advertisement presets).

I do not accept requests since most of the time I get inspired on random occasion and don’t like to set specific tasks. 

All of my meshes done in Blender and Marvelous Designer, textures made in Photoshop and imported to the game with the help of Sims4Studio program which I absolutely love and recommend to everybody.

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