Halloween 3D Eyelashes

I’ve had an idea of making fantasy eyelashes for a while. And Halloween was the best occasion. There are 7 fantasy swatches and 5 regular that could be used for everyday makeup. Find them in “glasses” category. Download links are below.

* 12 swatches
* Base game compatible, feminine style choice, available for humans, vampires, mermaids and aliens, disallowed for random.
HQ textures/ HQ settings compatible
* Custom thumbnails

* Glasses category

All lods.
Very high: 276   High: 188   Medium: 146   Low: 76

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10 Comments Halloween 3D Eyelashes
  1. Dee

    These are so spooky and cool! Definitely in the Halloween spirit!!

    1. GiuliettaSims

      Thank you!

  2. Amanda

    Great stuff, thank you!

    1. GiuliettaSims

      Thank you!

  3. Cyarrah

    Sadly i cant find the eyelashes when i download them 🙁

    1. GiuliettaSims

      Select glasses and filter “custom content”. They will be at the bottom of the list. Thank you for downloading them!

  4. Coralie Astie

    ils sont magnifiques! j’adore vraiment bien fais, tres bien déssiné, le trait est fin et classe ! Bravo <3

    1. GiuliettaSims

      Thank you very much! I am really happy that you liked them.

  5. Bee

    THANK YOU! (: These are absolutely gorgeous! Were they annoying to make? I’ve been wanting to make 3D lashes for a while but it seems like such a task lol. This staves me off for the time being for sure xD

    1. GiuliettaSims

      Thank you! To be honest they were some pain to make especially when it came to texturing. I found that it is easier to draw the texture from scratch than using an existing one, so I drew some eyelashed in Blender right on the model (not all of them). It is definitely doable but takes time to make the mesh, adjust it properly and apply the textures. I also want to make the next style compatible with glasses which is another level of pain in the neck finding a proper place on the map for them.

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