Star Hoop Earrings For Toddlers

If you want to download these earrings for kids and adults, click on the pictures below to download them.

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  1. Sarah

    Where can we find that adorable crown headband? 🙂 Also, I’d love to know which skins you use, your Sims are beautiful! Thanks!

    1. GiuliettaSims

      That headband is “work in progress”. I might release it this Saturday if I kick myself to finish lower lods (3D meshes with less amount of details that game renders when player zooms out the sim).
      I don’t use special skins that are made for toddlers. I use adult skintones with ticked “toddler” option. These skintones were never released for toddlers by creators who made these files. The only real toddler skintone that I used was made by Gramsims, but I can’t find the link to it.

  2. Sarah

    Thank you so much for the info! I wish I was tech savvy enough for those kind of tricks! Can’t wait for the headband. 🙂

    1. GiuliettaSims

      These skintones are not made for toddlers, even if you’d tagged them for toddlers they would still look inappropriate since it’s an adult skintone with boobs (that is covered under clothes). I don’t need proper skins for previews and I do not play with these toddlers in the game, therefore I didn’t bother doing the skins properly since it requires a lot of time, and I can’t even share them.

  3. Sarah

    Oh, interesting! I love learning about how all of this magical CC is made/produced. Thanks for the info, I’ll just wait for someone to make more toddler/kid skins. That sounds super creepy, lol.

    1. GiuliettaSims

      It does look wrong. If I take all clothes off while searching for a new one for screenshots I am rushing to put at least anything on a model to cover that skin. Creators have “no modifying policy” on their skins, otherwise, it would be possible to create a skin blend from the face and body from another skintone. But I totally get why original creators don’t want anyone to alter their skins. It takes so much time and skill to create a nice skin, that it is difficult to let other people alter something that you poured months of work into. I too have a policy “recoloring my meshes with own recolors without modifying my textures” due to the reason that I spend hours, and sometimes days to make textures, and it takes 3 seconds to recolor it with photoshop action. I don’t feel that it is fair to recolor this way.

    1. GiuliettaSims

      Thank you! 💖

* 4 swatches
* Base game compatible, feminine style choice, available for humans, vampires, mermaids and aliens, disallowed for random.
HQ textures/ HQ settings compatible
* Custom thumbnails

All lods.
 Very high: 1200    High: 420   Medium: 280    Low: 240

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