Wavy Choker

It’s my pretty first attempt to make a necklace for the sims. I hope you will like it. Need to warn that it doesn’t work with sliders. Trust me, I tried a lot of different methods for good 2 days, but nothing worked with this particular style. If I ever figure out how to make uv_1 for this type of necklaces I will update this choker. I always strive to release content with the best possible weights and best possible uv_1 map. Turned out that necklaces are less forgiving than clothes.

You can download matching wavy hoops here.

* 4 swatches
* Base game compatible, feminine style choice, available for humans, vampires, mermaids and aliens, disallowed for random.

HQ textures/ HQ settings compatible
* Custom thumbnails
All lods.
Very high: 812    High: 600   Medium: 100     Low: 40

DOWNLOAD via shorte.st

DOWNLOAD ad free

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