Magic Umbrellas For The Seasons (Standalone item)

I’ve been working on a holographic umbrella for The Seasons, and decided to make more cute recolors. Hope you’ll like them. This is a standalone umbrella, it will not replace existing EA umbrellas.
 Please read full description in “technical details” section to make sure that you have all necessary files for umbrellas, so they will show up in the game.

* 6 transparent textures
* Can be selected via umbrella stand (The Seasons EP required)
* Color will depend on the time of the day and environment in the game. Pictures of the swatches were taken in Studio

Check out my simple instruction about how to pose with umbrellas.

This mod requires Andrew’s accessories script mod in order for umbrellas to work properly. Unzip Andrew’s Accessories script mod (2 files) into your mods folder. Umbrellas will not work without this script mod.DOWNLOAD it in Andrew’s Studio

DOWNLOAD ad free

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