Halloween Pose Pack And Pumpkin Bucket For Toddlers

I decided to remake a pumpkin bucket that I made in 2018 and released on the Sims 4 Studio Forum. I remapped the bucket to the bracelet area and made sure that it wouldn’t conflict with sunglasses and Kijiko’s eyelashes from the rings category.. Bucket will overlap the texture of anything mapped in the rings and bracelet area. Also it is assigned to stigmata bone which allows tons of versatility in creating the poses, as you can see from the preview.

* You need Andrew’s Pose Player
* Look for the bucket in bracelets.
* In-game pose name is “GiuliettaSims Halloween Toddler Pumpkin Bucket PP”
* For a couple pose use 2 Teleporter Statues placed in the same spot

* Pumpkin bucket: 1 swatch
* Poses: 8 singles poses, 1 couple pose

* Base game compatible, available for humans, vampires, mermaids and aliens, disallowed for random.
* Custom thumbnail
* In-game pose pack
* Every pose contains a description in English and Russian 

All lods.
Very high: 670   High: 547   Medium: 335   Low: 226

ЗАВАНТАЖИТИ безкоштовно

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