Rimless Bat Sunglasses

When I spotted these sunglasses I was very excited and decided to make them for Halloween but I think they can be worn any day.
They are compatible with the glasses slider made by Iconic Sims (click it). This slider allows you to move sunglasses up and down, scale them by the x-axis or even rotate and put them on top of the head. See examples here. I highly recommend downloading this slider.

These bat sunglasses are also available for kids and toddlers. Click on the pictures below to download them.

* 15 swatches
* Сумісні з базовою грою, жіночий вибір стилю, доступні для людей, вампірів, мавок та прибульців; заборонені для випадкового вибору
HQ текстури/ сумісні з HQ налаштуваннями
* Унікальні прев'ю для кожної перефарбовки

Glasses Slider by Iconic Sims (recommended)

All lods.
Very high: 1592   High: 704   Medium: 352   Low: 260

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