Cat Sunglasses For Toddlers

If you want to download the version for toddlers click on the picture below.

They come in 22 colors. Another cool thing is that they work with CAS glasses slider made by Iconic (click it). This slider allows you to adjust these sunglasses to any type of face, make them wider, and even rotate and move as if the sim put them on the head. Sunglasses will work with or without this slider, but I highly recommend downloading it.


* 22 swatches
* Base game compatible, feminine and masculine style choice, available for humans, vampires, mermaids and aliens, disallowed for random.
HQ текстури/ сумісні з HQ налаштуваннями
* Унікальні прев'ю для кожної перефарбовки
* Кожен колір перефарбовки відмічений відповідною міткою
* Work with CAS glasses slider by Iconic – ЗАВАНТАЖИТИ (suggested)

All lods.
 Very high: 1422    High: 779   Medium: 354    Low: 288

ЗАВАНТАЖИТИ безкоштовно

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