Fluffy Pompoms Hat

I am pretty excited about this project that I started over a year ago but could not figure out how to make fuzzy pompoms. It took a while to figure it out, and they have some transparency issues if you look from the back but I think it’s the best result that I could achieve. This hat comes with 26 plain and 14 pattern swatches that I poured my soul into. Total 40 swatches. This hat was originally made for toddlers. You can download it by clicking the picture below.

This hat is compatible with a hat slider by Iconic Sims. I highly recommend downloading this slider since it will give so much versatility when it comes to fitting the hat to the most custom hairs. All maxis hairs (the one that are made by EA) fit perfectly fine, but custom hairs may clip here and there. This is when har slider becomes very handy. To raise the hat up and scale click and move the spot on the back of the neck (you can use it only when you use short hair, once you scale or move the hat you can select long hair back). To move the hat forward access the slider on the right side. The hat will work with or without the slider but I highly recommend using it.

* 40 swatches
* Base game compatible, feminine  style choice, available for humans, vampires, mermaids and aliens, disallowed for random.
HQ текстури/ сумісні з HQ налаштуваннями
* Custom first thumbnail
* Кожен колір перефарбовки відмічений відповідною міткою

* Hat Slider by Iconic Sims (recommended)

All lods.
Very high: 2448   High: 822   Medium: 408   Low: 99

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