Melting necklace

I started this project back in 2017. I envisioned a metal necklace that is sort of melting from the neck down. After working for some time on it I realized that I can’t make it to work with sliders, weights were off and stuck at that step. I kept postponing and postponing it until finally deciding to attempt to make it work. I am sort of glad that this project was not released in 2017 when I had less meshing and texturing skills. I think it is finished at the right moment, and hope they you will like it on your sims. Necklace works with sliders, however, it doesn’t morph beautifully with the biggest and the perkiest boobs, sorry. Trust me, I tried (for 2 years!). Also I needed matching melting earrings for previews, so I came up with one, which you can get here.

* 5 swatches
* Сумісні з базовою грою, жіночий вибір стилю, доступні для людей, вампірів, мавок та прибульців; заборонені для випадкового вибору

HQ текстури/ сумісні з HQ налаштуваннями
* Унікальні прев'ю для кожної перефарбовки
All lods.
Very high: 792    High: 468  Medium: 156     Low: 148


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