Adele Slippers

Hi all! I am glad to finally release these slippers inspired by Fendi. They are named after one of the founders of the brand Adele Fendi.

Slippers come with 3 swatches and weighted to imitate gravity, it means that if your sim bends toes slipper will move as real shoes would do.

Feel free to contact me via tumblr if you encounter any problem.
Known issue: won’t look good on sims with snooty walk style due to the way they bend their toes up and down while walking. But work fine with regular style of walk.

* For teens, young adults, adults and elders
* Feminine style choice. Allowed for vampires, humans, aliens. Base game compatible
* 2048×4096 HQ texture (HQ settings compatible)
* Disallowed for random
* Унікальні прев'ю для кожної перефарбовки
All lods.
Very high:2314     High:1782    Medium:1061    Low:621

ЗАВАНТАЖИТИ безкоштовно

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